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The curriculum at Goldsmiths will offer four Vassar credits:

  • A seminar taught by the Vassar Faculty Director. For Spring 2022, students will enroll in “Black London: Walking Diaries”, a course about a literary London populated by the imagination of immigrant writers from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. It is not designed merely as a course in which fine literature is read. Instead, the reading of, for example, The Lonely Londoners, an early classic by Sam Selvon, will be accompanied by what each seminar participant records in their diary about walking in places that Selvon paints with his indelible language. Other readings will take students to different parts of London and its suburbs. Writers included in the course are Jean Rhys, V.S. Naipaul, Andrea Levy, Salman Rushdie, Hanif Kureishi, Zadie Smith, Nadifa Mohamed, and others. Students will maintain a daily walking diary related to the week’s reading, and each diary can be a multi-media text: sounds, images, news headlines, Instagram photos, overheard conversations, prose, poetry, ads, songs.
  • An independent project, focused on theory or practice, will use London as a laboratory, an object of study, and a source of inspiration.
  • Goldsmiths Media and Communications course: students will select a course from among more than two dozen multidisciplinary offerings. For course descriptions, please consult the Goldsmiths catalogue
  • Elective Goldsmiths course: students will choose a course in Anthropology, Art, Computing, Drama, Education Studies, Economics, English and Comparative Literature, History, Languages, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, or Visual Cultures.

For more information visit Goldsmith’s website at


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